STRATA's Versatility Showcased at ITEC 2006

London, UK - STRATA was highlighted at this year’s ITEC conference, held in London May 16-18. On display in the TNO exhibit, STRATA operated both as an F/A-18 Close Air Support trainer and as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) trainer. Over 3,000 visitors to the ITEC exhibit floor were able to see STRATA’s versatility, integrating speech-interactive synthetic teammates with a flight simulator (to train pilots) and with a ground simulator (to train FACs).

Synthetic Teammates for Real-time, Anywhere Training and Assessment (STRATA), supported by DARPA's DARWARS program, is providing team-level mission training to members of a CAS team in the air and on the ground. DARPA and CHI Systems teamed up to help overcome skill decay and to provide needed refresher training in skills not routinely practiced on deployment.

STRATA was created by CHI Systems, Inc., Fort Washington, PA.  CHI Systems is a small, leading-edge research, development, and engineering company that pioneered the use of cognitive models to create verbally-interactive synthetic instructors, teammates, and collateral/opposing forces in simulation-based training system technology.  DARPA's Training Superiority (DARWARS) program is continuing to develop new ways to train warfighters to win in the information-centric, complex, and team-oriented environments characteristic of future conflicts.  The program seeks to transform military training by providing continuously available, on-demand mission-level training for all forces at all echelons.


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